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Product information
Product Name:   Brazilian BJJ/Jiu-Jitsu gi
Product Code:   MC-202
Brazilian BJJ/Jiu-Jitsu gi white lightweiht, comes in traditional cut and traditional style, jacket made from one piece of fabric, which comes from back to front, thicker lapel with rubber padding, six rows of stitching on lapel, jacket made from 100% cotton pearl weave fabric 550gsm, stitching as well comes strong thread as well reinforced on all the stress points for long lasting durability, right and on the left of the jacket have slit, bottom and cuffs are well reinforced with tape for long lasting durability, both split are reinforced from strong thread, Pant is made from heavy duty 10oz ripstop 100% cotton fabric, traditional style thicker drawstring in the waistband, six loops on the pant, knee areas are well reinforced with double layer of the fabric and with strong thread, pant sleeve stitched with tape for long lasting durability, inseam stitch from 3 rows of stitching for durability, crotch reinforced with strong thread, available sizes adult A0 to A7 Kids sizes M00 To M3 . Available colors, White Blue Black Customization with require design, 1. Labeling 2. Embroidery 3. Inside printing
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